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Making Sense of Church & Sexuality

Writing . . .

Let's face it. For centuries, the Church has rarely handled well the subject of sexuality. Ignoring the topic is just as damaging as the judgmental and hypocritical pronouncements. In the process, a lot of people have been hurt. A heck of a lot! 

My first book, Into the Light: Healing Sexuality in Today's Church, is an honest attempt to begin talking about God's good gift of sexuality in ways that bring wisdom and healing. Our silence has allowed sexual abuse to go unaddressed and sexual addiction to flourish. We certainly can be the healing hands of Jesus for those who've been wounded and enslaved.

But this book also brings good theology and balance into the discussion of gender and orientation. So many have been hurt by our self-righteous pulpit pounding. We can do better!


Pure Hearted: Banding Together for Sexual Wholeness is a self-directed group approach for overcoming addiction to porn and other sexual activities. In addition to providing ways to deepen one's walk with God, it combines loving accountability with healing prayer practices which help move the group toward reaching ninety days clean. Science tells us if we can abstain from addictive behaviors for ninety days straight, our brains reach a new plateau in their ability to stay free.


Then there's the blog: Tsunami Surfing. Shortly before his retirement, Dr. Patrick Carnes, the pioneer in the research and treatment of sexual addiction, predicted that a "sexual tsunami" would soon slam our culture. That was close to ten years ago and I believe we now see victims treading water among the flotsam. This blog features articles to help pastors and counselors navigate the culture chaos and to minister to the survivors with wisdom and compassion.


Finding Greater Freedom & Wholeness

Counseling . . .

Mark has a Doctor of Ministry degree in Formational Counseling with special training in sexual issues. If interested in receiving help, you can contact him at

Speaking . . .

Speaking . . .

Mark has addressed sexual topics in a variety of settings: training seminars, pastors’ conferences, denominational conferences, and youth rallies. His engaging  style and willingness to tackle sensitive topics has encouraged leaders, informed parents, inspired teens, and brought healing to the distraught. Inquiries can be addressed to


Background . . . 

2005  Ashland Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry in Formational Counseling

1984  Asbury Theological Seminary, Masters of Divinity

1979  Hope College, Bachelors in English/Writing

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